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Yeast species used in food industry causes disease in humans A major reason behind drug-resistant clinical yeast-based infections may be the same species previously thought to be nonpathogenic and commonly found in the biotechnology and food industries. The scholarly study, on July 19th in the open-access journal PLOS Pathogens released, was led by Alexander Douglass of University or college University Dublin in Ireland . Candida krusei is a drug-resistant fungus species and among the five most prevalent factors behind clinical yeast-based infections.

Asa stated.. Overuse of antibiotics not what the doctor ordered With increased usage of antibiotics worldwide associated with growing antibiotic level of resistance, a world-first research co-authored with a QUT researcher has highlighted the growing impact of nonprescription way to obtain antibiotics in community pharmacies, as well as the urgent dependence on better enforcement of laws and regulations. Global usage of antibiotics without prescription in community pharmacies: a organized review and meta-analysis, has only been posted in The Journal of Infection.