ASN Consulting Services

ASN Consulting Services offers you a complete line of services to develop and enhance your business or organization. Services include program and organization development, grant-writing, government relations, human resource management, and training. Please contact me today to discuss your organization’s needs.

Program Planning and Product Development

  • Conduct feasibility studies, market research, operational analysis and planning
  • Update policies and procedures manuals, reorganize/streamline operations, and evaluate organizational structure
  • Develop new products and services targeting the aging baby boomer market
  • Assist in program planning and implementation

Managed Care System Development

  • Build community-based infrastructures for health plans, hospital systems, and community health centers in response to the changing healthcare environment
  • Organize provider network
  • Coordinate community-based programs such as adult day centers, home care, case management and other support services

Elderly Housing

  • Assist in planning and development for support services in elderly housing and assisted living communities
  • Provide facility design consultation from the consumers’ perspectives
  • Plan marketing strategies and public relations campaigns


  • Research and grant-writing

Government Relations

  • Research and complete applications for state licenses and certification
  • Monitor and advocate legislation

Human Resources Management

  • Organize staff training, management coaching/mentoring, and orientation programs.

Community Relations/Education

  • Develop community relations program
  • Identify marketing strategies to enhance community relationships and network
  • Public lectures and presentations on Aging Issues

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Kalkanis, M.D., Medical Movie director, Henry Ford Malignancy Institute, and Seat, Division of Neurosurgery. We have to be evaluating this degree of information for each and every individual. The hope is the fact that discoveries such as this one will result in clinical studies and increased gain access to and education which make it available for everyone who receives a tumor diagnosis. .. Newly discovered biomarkers could be key to predicting severity of brain tumor recurrence Researchers have got identified particular predictive biomarkers which could help measure the degree of risk for recurrence in individuals with malignant glioma. The scholarly study, led by Henry Ford Wellness System’s Division of Neurosurgery and Section of Public Wellness Sciences, was released today in Cell Reviews. Continue reading

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Victor Fornari, movie director of adolescent and kid psychiatry at Zucker Hillside Medical center in Glen Oaks, N.Y., stated that antisocial behaviours are the ones that ‘deviate through the cultural norms-like violating guidelines, lying, cheating as well as other not appropriate behavior socially. ‘ He had not been included with the analysis. Just how may early donate to these kinds of behaviors and major depression puberty? Selkie said the contacts are most likely biological and psychological. ‘There’s some thought that early estrogen publicity might raise the risk for depression, but there’s also the elements to be different physically from various other kids in the event that you knowledge puberty at a youthful age group,’ she said. Continue reading