ASN Consulting Services

ASN Consulting Services offers you a complete line of services to develop and enhance your business or organization. Services include program and organization development, grant-writing, government relations, human resource management, and training. Please contact me today to discuss your organization’s needs.

Program Planning and Product Development

  • Conduct feasibility studies, market research, operational analysis and planning
  • Update policies and procedures manuals, reorganize/streamline operations, and evaluate organizational structure
  • Develop new products and services targeting the aging baby boomer market
  • Assist in program planning and implementation

Managed Care System Development

  • Build community-based infrastructures for health plans, hospital systems, and community health centers in response to the changing healthcare environment
  • Organize provider network
  • Coordinate community-based programs such as adult day centers, home care, case management and other support services

Elderly Housing

  • Assist in planning and development for support services in elderly housing and assisted living communities
  • Provide facility design consultation from the consumers’ perspectives
  • Plan marketing strategies and public relations campaigns


  • Research and grant-writing

Government Relations

  • Research and complete applications for state licenses and certification
  • Monitor and advocate legislation

Human Resources Management

  • Organize staff training, management coaching/mentoring, and orientation programs.

Community Relations/Education

  • Develop community relations program
  • Identify marketing strategies to enhance community relationships and network
  • Public lectures and presentations on Aging Issues

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Kim Walsh-Childers and co-workers on the University or college of Florida.

3 papers published in a week = report card on health care journalism & PR As another complete calendar year of our evaluation of healthcare information & PR wraps up shortly, it is stimulating to find out 3 articles in a single week in the released literature address problems in healthcare journalism and PR -styles that we possess addressed for a decade. Each one of the three documents delivers a different facet of a report credit card to press messengers. Kim Walsh-Childers and co-workers on the University or college of Florida. Continue reading

How well can digital assistants answer questions on sex?

Each author made no more than three attempts per question when speaking in to the smartphones. They discovered that a laptop based Google search performed superior to both digital assistants, providing 72 percent of the greatest responses for the sexual health questions. Google Associate performed much better than Siri with 50 percent of best versus 32 percent. Google queries acquired the cheapest outright failing price also, offering no useful response for 8 percent from the questions weighed against 12 percent for Google Associate and 36 percent for Siri. If they excluded a number of the features test queries, 48 percent from the search queries were answered using what they determined were professional sources, like the NHS, Family members Setting up and the united states Centers for Disease Prevention and Control . Continue reading

Infectious illnesses and other circumstances from only a little blood sample.

Ancient enzyme could boost power of liquid biopsies to detect and profile cancers Scientists are creating a set of lab tests called water biopsies that may rapidly detect the current presence of cancers, infectious illnesses and other circumstances from only a little blood sample . Analysts on the University of Tx at Austin are creating a fresh device for liquid biopsy that could shortly offer doctors with a far more full picture of a person’s disease, enhancing their likelihood of finding the greatest treatment, while sparing individuals the discomfort, inconvenience and lengthy wait times connected with surgical biopsies. Alan Lambowitz, a teacher in the Institute for Cellular and Molecular Biology as well as the Section of Molecular Biosciences, and his group are studying a historical enzyme in bacteria you can use to detect items of genetic materials shed by tumor or various other diseased cells right into a patient’s bloodstream. Continue reading

Insights in to the creator hereditary mutation because of this kind of leukaemia.

Saver, MD, teacher of movie director and neurology from the heart stroke device in the School of California, LA. (CT angiography and perfusion CT are even more informative for identifying thrombectomy eligibility. Mitchel L. Zoler/Frontline Medical NewsDr. Jeffrey L. Saver The brand new guideline may also require changes in the algorithms emergency medicine technicians use to choose where you can transport a stroke patient, and improvements in the systems that transport patients from smaller hospitals that do imaging to much larger centers that perform thrombectomy, Dr. Said saver. We have to improve door-in/door-out period. Saver needs that the brand new guide will translate most quickly into adjustments in the imaging and transfer protocols the Joint Commission payment may now need from hospitals qualified as primary heart stroke centers or severe stroke-ready hospitals, adjustments that might be set up afterwards in 2018 sometime, he predicted. Continue reading

The proposal issued Feb.

15 and so are planned for publication in the Federal government Register on Feb. 17. Responses on the suggested changes are because of CMS by March 7.. CMS proposal seeks to stabilize individual insurance market Proposed regulations from your Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Companies aim to offer short-term stabilization to the average person and little group insurance markets beneath the Affordable Care and attention Act. The proposal issued Feb. 15 would make adjustments to particular enrollment periods, open up enrollment, assured availability, network adequacy guidelines, essential community suppliers, and actuarial worth requirements. In addition, it adjustments the timeline for when insurance providers would have to get their certified health plan qualification. Continue reading

Sex after 65: Poll finds links to health.

The poll was executed with the College or university of Michigan Institute for Health care Creativity and Plan, and sponsored by AARP and Michigan Medication, U-M’s academic infirmary. The poll explored how older adults may seek help or advice for sexual problems, and when they’ve talked making use of their doctors about their sexual health. In every, 18 % of older men and 3 % of older females state they’ve taken medications or supplements to boost sexual function before 2 yrs. But just 17 % of old adults said they will have talked making use of their doctor or additional doctor about sexual wellness before two years. Many who got involved in such conversations stated they brought this issue up, suggesting the necessity to get more proactive interactions by clinicians making use of their older patients. Continue reading

After treatment with medical procedures even.

The ensuing NEK2 inhibitor, known as CMP3a, could inhibit development in pre-clinical types of glioblastoma, both in lifestyle and in mouse brains. When coupled with rays, CMP3a includes a synergistic impact to attenuate development of glioblastoma cells in lifestyle. We are along the way of pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic analyses with CMP3a to create an early-phase clinical trial for glioblastoma and additional NEK2/EZH2-dependent cancers, they stated within an content released today in The Journal of Clinical Analysis. We are hopeful to include this drug applicant to our set of scientific trial protocols for glioblastoma inside a couple of years, Nakano stated. Information on the extensive analysis NEK2 is a characterized kinase enzyme poorly. Continue reading

Innate immune reactions.

Researchers Uncover Protein Used to Outsmart Human Immune System A University or college of Maryland researcher has uncovered a system where the bacterias that triggers Lyme disease persists in the torso and battles your early, innate immune reactions. Dr . Utpal Pal, Teacher in Veterinary Medication, has been learning the Borrelia burgdorferi bacterias throughout his twelve years with UMD, and his function has already created the proteins marker used to recognize this infection in the torso. Today, Dr. Pal offers isolated a proteins made by the bacterias that disables among the body’s initial immune responses, providing understanding into systems that are generally not really known. Continue reading

Including an elevated likelihood of loss of life.

‘EASILY give that patient’s treatment and that inhaling and exhaling pipe happens prematurely, or the individual doesn’t prosper when it’s taken out – and I haven’t offered to another anesthesiologist the way i were able to wiggle my finger to the proper, and that’s the way the pipe went in greatest – if indeed they have no idea that, they may possibly not be in a position to re-secure the airway, when the airway can be lost, and that may lead to problems.’ The scholarly study, ‘Association Between Handover of Anesthesia Treatment and Adverse Postoperative Outcomes Among Patients Undergoing Main Medical operation,’ was published in a recently available problem of the Journal from the American Medical Association.. Study spotlights risks in anesthesiologist handoffs Most sufferers are totally unaware how the anesthesiologist who place them under for medical procedures may not be the same person who brings them out despite the fact that that ‘handoff’ between your two doctors continues to be linked to some negative patient results, including an elevated likelihood of loss of life. Continue reading

Everlasting ice sheet.

R., Moltke, I., & Albrechtsen, A. . THE RESULT of an Intense and Prolonged Human population Bottleneck on Patterns of Deleterious Variance: Insights through the Greenlandic Inuit. GENETICS, 205 : 787-801. DOI:10.1534/genetics.116.193821.. Greenlandic Inuit Population could Help Find Novel Disease Associations Despite being included in a massive, everlasting ice sheet, Greenland continues to be continuously inhabited by human beings for over one thousand years. Modern Greenlanders are Inuit whose ancestors migrated eastward from Canada around 1000 Advertisement, getting technology like dogsleds and kayaks. In addition to their ethnic and historic efforts, individuals of Greenland bring important info within their genes. Continue reading