ASN Consulting Services

ASN Consulting Services offers you a complete line of services to develop and enhance your business or organization. Services include program and organization development, grant-writing, government relations, human resource management, and training. Please contact me today to discuss your organization’s needs.

Program Planning and Product Development

  • Conduct feasibility studies, market research, operational analysis and planning
  • Update policies and procedures manuals, reorganize/streamline operations, and evaluate organizational structure
  • Develop new products and services targeting the aging baby boomer market
  • Assist in program planning and implementation

Managed Care System Development

  • Build community-based infrastructures for health plans, hospital systems, and community health centers in response to the changing healthcare environment
  • Organize provider network
  • Coordinate community-based programs such as adult day centers, home care, case management and other support services

Elderly Housing

  • Assist in planning and development for support services in elderly housing and assisted living communities
  • Provide facility design consultation from the consumers’ perspectives
  • Plan marketing strategies and public relations campaigns


  • Research and grant-writing

Government Relations

  • Research and complete applications for state licenses and certification
  • Monitor and advocate legislation

Human Resources Management

  • Organize staff training, management coaching/mentoring, and orientation programs.

Community Relations/Education

  • Develop community relations program
  • Identify marketing strategies to enhance community relationships and network
  • Public lectures and presentations on Aging Issues

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Thomas prof views home based business in quack treatment.

Newspaper reader: ‘Don’t promote unproven therapies’ Occasionally you visit a notice towards the editor of the paper which you wish to body. Thomas prof views home based business in quack treatment. Would a St.There appears to be a lesser regular of evidence if the complete tale promotes any nearby item or company. Continue reading

Lead and other toxic metals found in e-cigarette vapors: study Quite a lot of poisonous metals.

In the scholarly study, on February 21 published online in Environmental Health Perspectives, the scientists examined e-cigarette devices owned by way of a test of 56 users. They discovered that significant amounts of the products produced aerosols with possibly unsafe degrees of business lead, chromium, manganese and/or nickel. Chronic inhalation of the metals continues to be associated with lung, liver, immune system, brain and cardiovascular damage, and cancers even. THE MEALS and Medication Administration gets the authority to modify e-cigarettes but continues to be considering how exactly to achieve this. The discovering that e-cigarettes expose users-known as vapers-to what could be harmful degrees of poisonous metals will make this matter a concentrate of long term FDA rules. Continue reading

The entire list shows up in the Apr 30.

The entire list shows up in the Apr 30, 2018 problem of TIME and today is online. While power is for certain, influence is simple. Just as much as this workout chronicles the accomplishments of days gone by year, we concentrate on statistics whose impact will probably develop also, so we are able to shop around the part to see what’s coming . Scientific tests of CAR T therapy started at Penn this year 2010, and two from the initial three patients to get the treatment, for persistent lymphocytic leukemia stay in remission almost eight years later on. Continue reading

According to a survey simply by physician recruitment firm Merritt Hawkins.

Just like the research talked about previously, childless adults perform have got support systems frequently, consisting of relatives usually, friends, and neighbours. Nevertheless, these systems are less inclined to supply the long-term dedication and comparable higher level of support that kids share with parents. Services needed Community-based ageing resource centers and mature organizations will need to have goals that help with our medical, useful, sociable, and safety needs. Help prevent medical center admissions and help us learn how to avoid them How exactly to create advanced directives and select a reliable, and trusted healthcare surrogate Teach elder abuse education and how to locate help and support Show how exactly to produce a treatment plan far before needing acute care Instruct developing a personal care and attention team of close friends we can count number on Provide us options and methods to build interpersonal connections and help us prevent isolation Help us discover transport when needed It really is challenging for clinicians and sociable providers as well as the individuals who live by itself even.

Perhaps you have known it had been going to rainfall yet still left your umbrella in the home?

It could possess lengthy enduring results and function also for those who have cognitive impairment. Acting may be the key.’.. Psychologists show that acting is the key to remembering tasks Have you have you been purchasing and returned house to find which you have overlooked to buy the item you went searching for? Perhaps you have known it had been going to rainfall yet still left your umbrella in the home? Have you eliminated out and still left the tv screen on? All these situations are illustrations where prospective memory space has failed-you haven’t remembered to consider the action you’d planned. Continue reading

Due mainly to having less financial support for this in the fee-for-service globe.

The findings of the study suggest a neurobiological explanation of why moms with addictions could find it tough to adhere to the needs of looking after their infants. The changeover to motherhood is inherently stressful. It’s the improved perceived reward worth of baby cues, in conjunction with the feeling of prize and satisfaction experienced with the mom, that often help maintain a mother’s interest and responsiveness to her baby during a essential developmental period, Kim stated. When the features from the dopamine – and oxytocin-associated maternal circuitry be fallible, as our research offers recommended within the entire case of chemical addictions, moms may be affected within their skills to look after their babies, and the chance for mistreatment and overlook may rise. Continue reading

It will just be considered a matter of your time.

The plan will quickly roll out in Sept, and multiple city agencies, like the Sanitation, Health and parks departments, will be engaged. Wire waste materials baskets about city streets will be replaced with fresh steel kinds. The town had cut its cover rodent control programs by $1.5 million plan targeting rat colonies.. Global Officials Warn of Pan-Resistant Gonorrhea New data through the World Health Corporation indicate that resistance to the just leftover treatment for gonorrhea is definitely emerging globally, which widespread treatment failing is probable in the approaching years unless brand-new antibiotics are made. It will just be considered a matter of your time, Teodora Wi, MD, a medical official using the WHO’s Division of Reproductive Health insurance and Study, told reporters. Continue reading

Less heart disease.

Less heart disease, stroke in immigrants than in U.S http .-born – People surviving in the U.S. But delivered somewhere else may possess lower risk for cardiovascular disease and heart stroke than their native-born neighbours, suggests a fresh study. Foreign-born citizens had a variety of dangers, however. Ladies from European countries and guys from Africa or SOUTH USA got the cheapest heart stroke prices in comparison to U.S.-given birth to peers. Cardiovascular disease prices had been least expensive among people from Asia, the Caribbean, Central Mexico and America and highest among men in the Indian Subcontinent and European countries. Continue reading

New multiple sclerosis drug.

Depending on where in fact the swelling occurs – the mind, spinal-cord or optic nerves – sufferers can develop muscle tissue weakness, incoordination, bladder troubles, visible impairment and cognitive complications. In relapsing-remitting MS, the most frequent form, people experience intermittent flares of symptoms accompanied by periods of partial or comprehensive recovery. About one in 10 people who have MS have the greater intractable primary progressive form and encounter steady worsening of symptoms without remission. Continue reading

That may capture high-resolution pictures.

Kenneth Anderson of Dana-Farber Malignancy Institute in Boston. We have to be looking for how lengthy these cells persist and keep carefully the cancer in order, he said. Dr. June carl, a College or university of Pa researcher who received the conference’s best science prize for his early focus on CAR-T therapy, stated it is rather rare to find out everyone react to cure. His laboratory also acquired this happen-all 22 kids testing a fresh edition of CAR-T for leukemia responded, his co-workers reported in the conference. The first sufferers we treated this year 2010 haven’t relapsed,june said . Dr. Michael Sabel from the College or university of Michigan known as the procedure innovative. This is actually the epitome of personalized medication, extending immune system therapy to more types of sufferers, he said. Continue reading