ASN Consulting Services

ASN Consulting Services offers you a complete line of services to develop and enhance your business or organization. Services include program and organization development, grant-writing, government relations, human resource management, and training. Please contact me today to discuss your organization’s needs.

Program Planning and Product Development

  • Conduct feasibility studies, market research, operational analysis and planning
  • Update policies and procedures manuals, reorganize/streamline operations, and evaluate organizational structure
  • Develop new products and services targeting the aging baby boomer market
  • Assist in program planning and implementation

Managed Care System Development

  • Build community-based infrastructures for health plans, hospital systems, and community health centers in response to the changing healthcare environment
  • Organize provider network
  • Coordinate community-based programs such as adult day centers, home care, case management and other support services

Elderly Housing

  • Assist in planning and development for support services in elderly housing and assisted living communities
  • Provide facility design consultation from the consumers’ perspectives
  • Plan marketing strategies and public relations campaigns


  • Research and grant-writing

Government Relations

  • Research and complete applications for state licenses and certification
  • Monitor and advocate legislation

Human Resources Management

  • Organize staff training, management coaching/mentoring, and orientation programs.

Community Relations/Education

  • Develop community relations program
  • Identify marketing strategies to enhance community relationships and network
  • Public lectures and presentations on Aging Issues

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How music affects these 4 disorders You will find more 1 200 various kinds of modern music genres.

We are. Infuriating.Several occasionally write or discuss it, as Harder and Rosenthal publicly did.People in america spend a lot more than $3 trillion on healthcare. Issues appealing in healthcare and analysis are rampant. The Journal from the American Medical Association last month released a special release all about healthcare conflicts appealing. And above lawyers just. There is fantastic potential harm in an additional erosion of rely upon journalism and in healthcare.There’s a great potential harm in journalists – as well as the audience they serve – becoming numb to the current presence of and influence of drug companies and other industry entities in the news headlines and information disseminated to the general public.There is, mainly because we’ve begun to indicate frequently inside our overview of news tales and PR news releases, marketing and advertising messages, ordinarily a polluted blast of contaminated info achieving the public. Continue reading

A significant new survey shows.

This marks the first study of its kind ever undertaken in Ireland with a partnership of medical service, the Division of Health insurance and HIQA. Nevertheless,’s Price My Hospital provider continues to be surveying patients on the rolling basis since 2006. This latest survey was completed in-may and it gave almost 27,000 patients, who was simply discharged from a public hospital, a chance to explain their experience. More than half of these eligible took component, which is known as a fantastic response rate. Continue reading

The scholarly study.

Yeast species used in food industry causes disease in humans A major reason behind drug-resistant clinical yeast-based infections may be the same species previously thought to be nonpathogenic and commonly found in the biotechnology and food industries. The scholarly study, on July 19th in the open-access journal PLOS Pathogens released, was led by Alexander Douglass of University or college University Dublin in Ireland . Candida krusei is a drug-resistant fungus species and among the five most prevalent factors behind clinical yeast-based infections. Continue reading

Here is a fairly painless way to accomplish it: Catch some more zzzs every evening.

Many researchers suspect contact with the full spectral range of dengue proteins is paramount to creating a fully defensive vaccine. The NIH vaccine, called TV003/TV005, features weakened versions of live dengue also, but three from the four components – dengue 1, 3 and 4 – derive from whole dengue viruses. The 4th component is dependant on a dengue 4 backbone with dengue 2 genes spliced in. It’s been proven to provoke a solid antibody response to all or any four types of dengue in one shot, aswell while producing T-cell immunity.. Continue reading

Gianluigi Savarese.

Using an paid survey of 415 moms of homeschooled kids, the scholarly research figured vaccines can raise the threat of neurological developmental disorders, especially in instances of preterm delivery. The anti-vaccine website Age of Autism, which also helped raise money for the analysis, reported its findings in glowing terms: As parents have lengthy expected, the pace of autism is higher in the vaccinated group significantly, a discovering that could shake vaccine safety statements just like the first chief executive that has ever stated a belief in a connection between vaccines and autism has taken workplace.. Digoxin and heart failure mortality: The Swedes weigh in WASHINGTON – The usage of digoxin by Swedish Center Failure Registry individuals with heart failing with minimal ejection small %age was connected with significantly increased threat of all-cause mortality if indeed they had concomitant paroxysmal atrial fibrillation or were in regular sinus tempo, Gianluigi Savarese, MD, reported on the annual conference from the American University of Cardiology. Continue reading

Milling your tooth and scalding your tongue accidentally.

Mix equal levels of hydrogen peroxide in hot water. Apply this for the blisters having a natural cotton swab. Keep it for 2 mins and wash the mouth area with lukewarm drinking water. 4. Turmeric Turmeric includes antiseptic properties that will help relieve the inflammation and pain due to tongue blisters. Keep it for three minutes and rinse it away with lukewarm drinking water. 5. Ice Glaciers can soothe the tongue and offer you an instantaneous alleviation. It’ll decrease inlammation and swelling for the tongue. Keep ice on the blisters or rub it softly in the tongue until these blisters become numb. Continue reading

Kids who have passed away from your flu up to now this year.

Martin criticizes the procedures from the American Panel of Internal Medication . His responses can be placed on the complete American Plank of Medical Specialties . This isn’t always accurate and it is discriminatory. This is finished with house evaluation applications with issue and reply booklets. The booklets would also provide as a guide collection.Without the legal authority, the ABMS has assumed the function of the national plank of health.Edward Volpintesta, MD Bethel, Connecticut.. Continue reading

Drastic Rise in Knee Arthritis since 1950 New research demonstrates knee osteoarthritis.

Drastic Rise in Knee Arthritis since 1950 New research demonstrates knee osteoarthritis, an agonizing and disabling condition where cartilage wears straight down and bone fragments rub against one another, has doubled within the last 50 years. This astonishing spike raises severe questions in what causes the condition and suggests it might be more avoidable than previously believed medical specialist . The principal risk factors for the problem, which affects almost one in five Americans older than 45, were regarded as the aging of the populace and increased obesity rates. Continue reading

Musicians have high prevalence of eating disorders.

Nevertheless, they add that making clinicians alert to the improved prevalence of eating disorders in music artists could enable them to supply additional care, assisting to optimise their wellness, and eventually, their performance. Dr Kapsetaki said: Executing Arts Medication is a reasonably brand-new field and I really believe you will see a lot more interesting tasks in the foreseeable future associated with the mental wellness of performing performers. She added: Future studies could compare musicians with and without eating disorders with behavioural testing and neuroimaging to find out if you will find any variations in human brain structure. .. Musicians have high prevalence of eating disorders, study finds They could live for the limelight and the decision of their muse, but musicians could be susceptible to feeding on disorders also, according to new research. Continue reading

US study finds rise in human glyphosate levels Degrees of glyphosate.

The increase dated from your introduction of genetically-modified glyphosate-tolerant crops in america in 1994. The findings published in the Journal from the American Medical Association came as the European Commission proposed on Tuesday to renew the permit for glyphosate for the shorter than usual five to seven years. That decision with the EU’s professional arm followed an evergrowing uproar on the alleged threat of its use. Analysts compared the degrees of glyphosate in the urine of 100 people surviving in California. Continue reading