ASN Consulting Services

ASN Consulting Services offers you a complete line of services to develop and enhance your business or organization. Services include program and organization development, grant-writing, government relations, human resource management, and training. Please contact me today to discuss your organization’s needs.

Program Planning and Product Development

  • Conduct feasibility studies, market research, operational analysis and planning
  • Update policies and procedures manuals, reorganize/streamline operations, and evaluate organizational structure
  • Develop new products and services targeting the aging baby boomer market
  • Assist in program planning and implementation

Managed Care System Development

  • Build community-based infrastructures for health plans, hospital systems, and community health centers in response to the changing healthcare environment
  • Organize provider network
  • Coordinate community-based programs such as adult day centers, home care, case management and other support services

Elderly Housing

  • Assist in planning and development for support services in elderly housing and assisted living communities
  • Provide facility design consultation from the consumers’ perspectives
  • Plan marketing strategies and public relations campaigns


  • Research and grant-writing

Government Relations

  • Research and complete applications for state licenses and certification
  • Monitor and advocate legislation

Human Resources Management

  • Organize staff training, management coaching/mentoring, and orientation programs.

Community Relations/Education

  • Develop community relations program
  • Identify marketing strategies to enhance community relationships and network
  • Public lectures and presentations on Aging Issues

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Do sleep interventions prevent atrial fibrillation?

Mehra stated. A significant issue in the failing to clearly set up a part for treating OSA in individuals with atrial fibrillation or various other cardiovascular diseases might have been over reliance for the apnea-hypopnea index as the arbiter of OSA severity, Dr. Oldenburg stated. AHI isn’t the complete truth; we have to look at various other parameters. AHI may possibly not be the right metric to check out in individuals with several cardiovascular illnesses. Tetyana Kendzerska The superiority of additional measures for gauging SDB severity was reinforced by brand-new results reported in the meeting. Continue reading

In the foreseeable future.

Cancer ‘signature’ first step toward blood test for patients A finding by Melbourne analysts could help to recognize patients with an especially aggressive kind of lung malignancy that are more likely to react to immunotherapies currently found in the medical center to treat additional cancers . The research in addition has revealed a distinctive molecular signature within the blood vessels which could, in the foreseeable future, be utilized to identify these aggressive lung cancers with a straightforward blood test. Continue reading

While helping inform potential brand-new treatment plans for the problem.

The problem is normally persistent and will worsen gradually, with long-lasting results on sufferers’ mental and physical wellness. People who have restless hip and legs symptoms have got impaired rest considerably, reduced overall standard of living, and increased threat of major depression, anxiousness disorders, hypertension, and, probably, cardiovascular disease. For about one in 50 people, the problem can be serious plenty of to require chronic medicine, which might subsequently have potentially serious unwanted effects. Studies of households and twins show that there surely is a solid genetic element of the disorder and resulted in the breakthrough of 6 genetic variations that increased the chance of developing the problem. ‘We think that the recently uncovered risk loci will lead substantially to your knowledge of the causal biology of the condition.’ Now, a global team of experts has likened the genetic data from more than 15,000 sufferers with an increase of than 95,000 handles, and identified an additional 13 genetic risk variations. Continue reading

HCA profit climbs on higher volumes Nashville.

31 2014 2013 2014 2013 Functions: Quantity of Hospitals 166 165 166 165 Quantity of Freestanding Outpatient Medical procedures Centers 113 115 113 115 Licensed Bedrooms at End of Period 43,356 42,896 43,356 42,896 Weighted Average Certified Beds 43,321 42,809 43,132 42,133 Reported: Admissions 458,000 434,300 1,795,300 1,744,100 percent Change 5.5 percent 2.9 percent Comparative Admissions 760,200 716,200 2,958,700 2,844,700 percent Change 6.1 percent 4.0 percent Income per Equal Admission $ 12,676 $ 12,337 $ 12,478 $ 12,016 percent Change 2.7 percent 3.8 percent Inpatient Income per Admission $ 12,461 $ 12,124 $ 12,327 $ 11,829 percent Change 2.8 percent 4.2 percent Individual Days 2,216,700 2,085,200 8,699,800 8,341,200 percent Change 6.3 percent 4.3 percent Equivalent Individual Days 3,679,000 3,438,600 14,337,200 13,604,600 percent Change 7.0 percent 5.4 percent Inpatient Medical procedures Cases 132,600 128,700 518,900 508,800 percent Change 3.0 percent 2.0 percent Outpatient Medical procedures Cases 233,400 233,000 891,600 881,900 percent Change 0.2 percent 1.1 percent ER Visits 1,949,200 1,754,300 7,450,700 6,968,100 percent Change 11.1 percent 6.9 percent Outpatient Earnings as a share of Individual Revenues 38.9 percent 38.8 percent 38.1 percent 37.9 percent Average Amount of Stay 4.8 4.8 4.8 4.8 Occupancy 55.6 percent 52.9 percent 55.3 percent 54.2 percent Comparative Occupancy 92.3 percent 87.1 percent 91.1 percent 88.4 percent Same Service: Admissions 450,500 428,900 1,770,800 1,734,700 percent Change 5.0 percent 2.1 percent Equal Admissions 744,100 704,700 2,907,700 2,825,900 percent Change 5.6 percent 2.9 percent Income per Equal Admission $ 12,677 $ 12,363 $ 12,475 $ 12,011 percent Change 2.5 percent 3.9 percent Inpatient Income per Admission $ 12,525 $ 12,205 $ 12,392 $ 11,854 percent Change 2.6 percent 4.5 percent Inpatient Medical procedures Cases 130,800 127,700 513,600 506,700 percent Change 2.4 percent 1.3 percent Outpatient Medical procedures Cases 228,200 228,900 873,400 874,300 percent Change -0.3 percent -0.1 percent ER Visits 1,909,700 1,728,300 7,317,300 6,915,300 percent Change 10.5 percent 5. Continue reading

With this classic image.

They don’t represent the aggregate individual knowledge – nor are they designed to – plus they perform little to aid potential patients to make educated decisions about their treatment. Just how many 90 season olds have effective TAVRs at the medical center? Five-year? Produce no mistake: Executing a TAVR on the 90 year aged is relatively safe and sound, but it isn’t without risk. Strokes take place in the price of these going through open up medical procedures double, and data demonstrates one in four TAVR sufferers perish within a 12 months, and several in three perish before 2 yrs. Clearly, that is too much info to convey within a 30-second radio place. But it is vital knowledge for anybody considering such a significant procedure. Continue reading

The extensive research.

The findings are anticipated to advance our knowledge of the brain’s role in endurance exercise, how it could alter the physical limits of performance in healthy people and add further evidence towards the argument on the usage of legal solutions to enhance performance in competition. The research, that was conducted by Dr Lex Mauger and colleagues at Kent’s College of Sports and Workout Sciences , attempt to investigate how endurance limits certainly are a matter for your brain aswell as your body. By screening cycling time for you to job failing in several 12 active individuals within a placebo handled research, Dr Mauger found that stimulating the mind by moving a mild electric current on the scalp to stimulate it improved the experience of the region connected with muscle contraction.

According to leading medics.

Doctors reveal the 6 ways a no deal Brexit could be ‘catastrophic’ for the NHS and leave the UK facing a greater risk of deadly pandemics A no offer Brexit could possibly be ‘catastrophic’ for the NHS and keep Britain facing a larger threat of deadly pandemics, according to leading medics.The Uk Medical Association, the union for doctors, also fears failing woefully to agree trade terms could deepen the NHS workforce crisis and disrupt an incredible number of patients.Brussels offers dismissed elements of Theresa May’s proposed conditions, which means accepting EU guidelines for products and collecting some tariffs with respect to the bloc . Continue reading

Researchers say.

The extensive research is published in the American Journal of Epidemiology.. Low-sodium lunch meats often contain extra potassium – Individuals who need to prevent potassium within their diets due to kidney disease or various other health issues may choose to stay away from reduced-sodium sandwich meat, researchers say. The Canadian study team discovered that sodium-reduced packaged chicken and meat slices in supermarkets contained typically 44 % even more potassium than their regular counterparts, due to potassium-containing additives in the low-sodium products generally, based on the report in the Journal from the Academy of Diet and Dietetics. Food producers sometimes make use of potassium and phosphorous with chemicals to displace the sodium taste, she said, however the amounts aren’t listed on food labeling often. Continue reading

The ministry of food and agriculture security said.

Mozambique bans imports of South African processed meat over listeria MAPUTO – Mozambique on Mon prohibited imports of processed meats items from South Africa after a deadly listeria outbreak was associated with a manufacturing plant there, the ministry of food and agriculture security said. Continue reading

Long-Acting Inhaler May Help in Early Stage COPD.

The medications consist of inhaled bronchodilators, which relax the muscle tissue across the airways and make it simpler to inhale and exhale. A couple of short-acting bronchodilators, that are used ‘mainly because needed’ to regulate symptom flare-ups. And a couple of long-acting types, like Spiriva, that are utilized daily to regulate symptoms. People in the first phases of COPD may have minimal symptoms. Therefore their doctors might prescribe just short-acting medicines, along with cigarette smoking cessation, stated Dr. Continue reading